Having a tertiary school in the town has been a dream for many Balilinhons. Such a dream became a reality when the Congressman of the First District,Hon. Edgar M. Chatto made a proposal to Central Visayas State College of  Agriculture , Forestry and  Technology Tagbilaran City Campus (CVSCAFT-TCC) to conduct extension classes in Balilihan. With the utmost support from CVSCAFT Administration and LGU Balilihan, the proposal was submitted to the Board of Trustees which then approved. In June of 2006, CVSCAFT-TCC opened an Extension Class, situated at Magsija, Balilihan, Bohol.




     The newly established extension class is approximately 2 kilometers from the Poblacion and 22 kilometers from the City. It has a land area of 2.3 hectares and was inaugurated on June 12, 2006. It opened its doors offering only two courses, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Bachelor of  Science in Industrial Technology major in Garments Technology with a total of 54 students enrolled on June 13, 2006.It was headed by the School Administrator,Prof. Edita F.Chatto together with five young, dedicated and competent instructors;Mrs.Evangielyn P. Lumantas,Mrs. Riame T. Tuico,Ms. Ma Lourdes Limocon,Mrs.Jocelyn P. Lumactud and Ms.Shella I. Calope.In the second semester,Mrs. Ella Mae R. Lacea,was hired when Ms. Limocon transferred to another school.




     On the second year of operation, three more courses were added to the list: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Electronics Technology, and Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology major in Food Technology. With these, additional instructors were hired.Engr. Benjamin N. Omamalin, Mr. Emiliano C. Maravilla, Mr.Jun Rey J. Poyos and Ms Irene P Gaas.During this school year, Prof.Edita F. Chatto retired from the service and replaced by Prof.Ernesto C. Rulida, as the new school administrator.





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