BISU Night Features “Minute To Win It”

BISU Night Features “Minute To Win It”

Fiesta days are made to spend

In dance and song with happy friends

So every hour speeds on the wings

Of haunting charm that music brings

 -Philippine Songs-



            It has been a practice of the school to host a one-night celebration for the annual fiesta of Balilihan. On July 8, 2013 BISU Balilihan made a concept originally seen on television. The school made its own version of the show “MINUTE TO WIN IT”.

            The audiences were given numbers before the start of the show. The numbers were drawn by the hosts of the show and holders of those numbers became the lucky players. Only ten (10) players were needed to compete in the different levels of the game.

            Thrills never left the place as players contended from level 1 up to the last level of the game. Level 1 was called “Match Maker” where 6 players who finished the least of time proceeded to level 2. “Tilt a Cup” was the game in the second level. Applying the same rules, only 4 players moved on to the next level. Level 3 was known as “Speed Eraser”. The players who qualified to compete for the next step had to play the game called “Cup Stacking”. The final round was called “METAL NUT” where only two players were left.


            Marilou Gingo and Shella Mae Tiempo got a consolation prize worth Php 100. 00 while Rachel Limo got Php 300. 00 for reaching level 2 of the game. Mhark Jhon Mabanag likewise received the amount of Php700. 00 for playing until level 3 of the game. Justine Pamugas, a grade 7 student of Carmel Academy won Php 850. 00 for reaching level 4 while Ruel Sinon from BISU Balilihan went home with a total of Php 1, 750. 00 and was declared winner of the game.


            To add color of the show , selected BISU students showcased a variety of presentations. Some local officials and a couple of visitors  also graced the night. The “Minute To Win It”  was made into a more memorable event with the exemplary performances of the hosts Mr. Jun
Rey J. Poyos and Ms. Maricel S. Ale.


The faculty and staff of this institution gathered once more for a one-day seminar on teaching strategies and legal aspects in government service that occurred on August 6, 2013 at room 8NB. Different committees were assigned in advance to prepare for the said activity.

            The seminar started with an opening prayer through powerpoint presentation. Mr. Jun Rey J. Poyos, OIC-Dean, introduced the participants of the seminar while Dr. Nelson M. Pateňa, Campus Director,  gave the welcome address and statement of purpose.

            The morning was spent for lectures regarding Strategies of College Teaching, Test Construction, Best Practices and other matters pertaining to teaching profession. Prof. Daisy V. Dellosa, the Dean of CTAS in Candijay Campus became the honored speaker who was introduced by Mrs. Evangielyn P. Lumantas, the RDE Director of BISU Balilihan. Prof. Dellosa likewise gave some hints on how to look good in front of the students like correct posture, proper attire, and proper approach when entering the class and starting a discussion. An open forum was done after the whole talk to give way for further clarifications. The giving of certificate and token of recognition to the speaker followed shortly with Dr. Nelson M. Pateňa and assisted by Mr. Jun Rey J. Poyos.

            In addition, lectures about Government Office Hours, Employees Discipline, CSC Rules/Policies and other matters pertaining to employment took place in the afternoon with Dr. Vicenta R. Barbarona as the distinguished speaker. Dr. Barbarona is the current Administrative Officer V of the BISU System and she was introduced by Mrs. Jocelyn P. Lumactud, the Chairperson of the Student Affairs Office of this campus. Dr. Barbarona also introduced to the participants her father who, in turn, gave some important insights of what it’s like to be a government employee and gave a couple of advices to the participants as well.    Dr. Barbarona also shared her experiences being in the government office. One more hour was extended due to a lot of queries raised by the participants.

            The whole day activity was made to an end with the distribution of certificate and token of recognition to the distinguished speaker and a closing message from Mrs. Catherine C. Napiňas, RDE Chairperson of BISU Balilihan Campus. 

2013 Intramural Meet Kicks Off

In the spirit of camaraderie and the love of sports, BISU Balilihan conducted again its annual sports activity carrying the theme: “SPORTSMANSHIP Yields Nation’s Best” last August 27-30, 2013.

      The first day started with a parade participated by the students, athletes, coaches, tournament managers, and mentors of the institution. This year, 3 teams competed in the various sports activities: Unit 1-Linux, Unit II-Mac, and Unit III-Windows. The parade featured the beat and rhythm of the Carmel Academy Drum Corp.

      After the parade, everyone gathered at the school ground where the opening program was held. Marjone Gonzaga, a national SCUAA athlete in javelin Throw did the lighting of the torch and Mary Ann Jumigop, another national SCUAA in softball led in reciting the Oath of Amateurism. Tournament managers together with the respective coaches of every team hoisted the team banner. The most awaited part during the opening program was the Search for Mr. & Ms. BISU Balilihan 2013 wherein John Rev Pacot and Maria Venus Rebuta bagged the title.

      The second and third days were fueled by series of ball and board games where athletes from each team came up with their own ways and techniques of winning the game. Cheerers applauded and yelled to nerves for the support of their bet.

      The following were the overall results of the various games played during the Intramural Meet 2013:

Sepak Takraw      -     Unit III


  (men)           -     Unit III

  (women)         -     Unit 1


  (men)           -     Unit 1

  (women)         -     Unit 1

Table Tennis (men)

  Single A        -     Unit III

  Single B        -     Unit III

  Doubles         -     Unit 1

Table Tennis (women)

  Single A        -     Unit 1

  Single B        -     Unit III

  Doubles         -     Unit 1


Shot Put (women)  -     Unit II

Discuss Throw (women)-  Unit II

Discuss Throw (men) -   Unit II

Javelin Throw (men) -   Unit II

Track & Field

  200 meter dash (men)- Unit I

  200 meter dash (women)-Unit 1

  400 meter dash (men)- Unit I

  400 meter dash (women)-Unit 1

  1500 meter dash (men) -Unit 1

Swimming (men)

  50 meter breast stroke -Unit III

  50 meter back stroke -Unit III

  100 meter freestyle - Unit III

  50 meter butterfly -  Unit II

Swimming (women)

  50 meter breast stroke - Unit I

  50 meter back stroke- Unit III

  100 meter freestyle - Unit III

  50 meter butterfly  - Unit III

  50 meter freestyle  - Unit III

Chess (men)

  Board 1             - Unit III

  Board 2             - Unit II

  Board 3             - Unit 1

  Board 4             - Unit 1

Chess (women)

  Board 1             - Unit II

  Board 2             - Unit II

  Board 3             - Unit II


      The four-day activity ended with the awarding of winners in the afternoon of August 30 during the closing program. Winning athletes were expected to exert more efforts in preparation for the SCUAA Meet to be held at BISU Calape Campus this October 2013.

BISU: Host School of the 7th SPAM Inc. National Confab

In its continued advocacy of promoting responsible campus journalism as well as recognizing the services of campus journalists and advisers, the School Press Advisers’ Movement (SPAM), Inc. in coordination with the Bohol Island State University, conducted the 7th Annual National Confab at JJ’s Seafood Village, Tagbilaran City. This yearly gathering took place last September 12-14, 2013 with the theme: “Intensifying the Power of Campus Paper in Protecting and Preserving the Environment and Natural Resources.”

     Campus advisers and campus journalists nationwide from elementary, secondary and tertiary levels registered on the first day of the convention wearing the Filipiniana attire. SPAM Board of Trustees and Executive Officers headed by Dr. Melanie V. Briones facilitated the various activities in line for this annual event. Dr. Melanie V. Briones is the President of SPAM Inc.

     This year, BISU Balilihan  Campus sent Mrs. Ella Mae R. Lacea, Campus Paper Adviser and Ms. Carine Pacot, the present Editor-in-Chief of Campus Access, the official student publication of BISU Balilihan. Together with other delegates, they witnessed the exemplary performance of the BISU Performing Arts during the opening program and listened to the welcome remarks of Dr. Elpidio T. Magante, BISU President. Prof. Jonathan Sta. Ana, Secretary of SPAM Inc. presented the participants during the program, Dr. Melanie V. Briones gave the statement of purpose while the opening of the 7th Annual Confab was declared by Prof. Lydia Villanueva, VP Internal of SPAM Inc. 

A couple of awards were likewise given to respective individuals who excelled in their services as campus advisers and journalists. This year, SPAM Inc. granted the Award of Excellence for Media Practitioners. Mr. Mike Enriquez and Mr. Horacio “Howie” Severino, respected journalists of GMA-7 received the award. Enriquez was granted with the SPAM’s Medallion of Excellence in the Field of Campus Journalism while Severino received the SPAM’s Award of Excellence in the Field of Documentary Reportage.

     Throughout the convention, several lectures were conducted such as: Briefing and Orientation about SPAM’s I- Dokumento by Prof. Jonathan Sta. Ana; Copy Editor’s Task: Guidelines in Copyreading News, Feature and Dev Com articles by Mr. Earl Victor Rosero, the News Editor of GMA News Online;Digital Layouting Lecture by Mr. Ricky Soriano Dimaun, Graphic Artist-Mexico Printing Pampanga while Editorial Writing was conducted by Mr. Bingo Dejaresco, the Editor-in-Chief of The Bohol Chronicle. On the other hand, two speakers conducted the Lecture in Broadcasting. They were Mr. Loy Palapos of Radio Bohol for the tertiary and secondary levels and Mr. Weslee Dizon for the elementary level while Lecture for Photo Editing with Adobe Photoshop was done by Ms. Lorelei De la Cruz from Colegio San Agustin-Biňan.






     In addition, SPAM Inc. also provided various competitions  related to journalism or media practice. Thus, the following contests were conceived and became part of this year’s conference:


1.  Digital Lay outing (Feature Page)

2.  Feature Editing

3.  News Editing

4.  Devcom Editing

5.  Editorial Writing

6.  Best in Digital Photography (Magazine Cover Design)

7.  Pautakang Pampahayagan (for Campus Publication Staff only)



1.   Opinion Journalist of the Year

2.   News Story Writer of the Year

3.   Feature Story Writer of the Year

4.   SPAM’s Award for Courtesy for Institutions

(Group Category)

1.  Best Magazine

2.  Best Literary Folio

3.  Best Newsletter

4.  Best Tabloid

5.  Best Broadsheet

6.  Radio Broadcasting Team of the Year

7.  Best Documentary Film: SPAM’s I-Dokumento

8.  Best in Cultural Page (MTBL)

Meanwhile, participants from Kanza University of Japan also graced during the convention and even competed during the Radio Broadcasting contest. Together with their advisers, these young journalists from Japan mingled with their newly-found friends and gave a special presentation during the Fellowship Night.

     Further, an election was held for a new set of SPAM Junior Officers. Elected as follows were:

Pres: Mario Cuengco, Jr.

V-Pres: Roland Sacristan

Sec: Ian Jof Mercado

Treas: Darlene Salunga

PIO: Karen Ramirez

Board of Directors:

  Luzon: James Salamat

  Visayas:Arvin Villacorta

  Mindanao: Abdulcader Alsoufi






            Winners were declared and awarded during the closing program as well as the distribution of certificates to all the participants of the national confab.



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