BISU Night Features “Minute To Win It”

BISU Night Features “Minute To Win It”

Fiesta days are made to spend

In dance and song with happy friends

So every hour speeds on the wings

Of haunting charm that music brings

 -Philippine Songs-



            It has been a practice of the school to host a one-night celebration for the annual fiesta of Balilihan. On July 8, 2013 BISU Balilihan made a concept originally seen on television. The school made its own version of the show “MINUTE TO WIN IT”.

            The audiences were given numbers before the start of the show. The numbers were drawn by the hosts of the show and holders of those numbers became the lucky players. Only ten (10) players were needed to compete in the different levels of the game.

            Thrills never left the place as players contended from level 1 up to the last level of the game. Level 1 was called “Match Maker” where 6 players who finished the least of time proceeded to level 2. “Tilt a Cup” was the game in the second level. Applying the same rules, only 4 players moved on to the next level. Level 3 was known as “Speed Eraser”. The players who qualified to compete for the next step had to play the game called “Cup Stacking”. The final round was called “METAL NUT” where only two players were left.


            Marilou Gingo and Shella Mae Tiempo got a consolation prize worth Php 100. 00 while Rachel Limo got Php 300. 00 for reaching level 2 of the game. Mhark Jhon Mabanag likewise received the amount of Php700. 00 for playing until level 3 of the game. Justine Pamugas, a grade 7 student of Carmel Academy won Php 850. 00 for reaching level 4 while Ruel Sinon from BISU Balilihan went home with a total of Php 1, 750. 00 and was declared winner of the game.


            To add color of the show , selected BISU students showcased a variety of presentations. Some local officials and a couple of visitors  also graced the night. The “Minute To Win It”  was made into a more memorable event with the exemplary performances of the hosts Mr. Jun
Rey J. Poyos and Ms. Maricel S. Ale.

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